Megaport - Full Span Solutions

Megaport is not your typical Network Service Provider. The Network-as-a-Service company allows you to build secure, scalable, and agile connections in just a few clicks from their self-service portal.

Their carrier-grade underlay network will take you where you want to go within their agnostic ecosystem. Megaport partners with the world’s leading cloud services, 3rd party providers, data center operators, system integrators, and managed services companies for global access.

Megaport makes complex networks, simplified. A partner can help empower an end-customer to reach their infrastructure and flex their bandwidth as the requirements change, without long phone calls, additional space & power, or vendor lock-in.

Megaport addresses Cloud Connectivity, Data Center Interconnectivity, Dedicated Internet Access, and Multi-cloud Networking, Global WANaaS for short-term (M2M) or long-term needs based on 100% SLA.

At Full Span Solutions we are proud to be a Megaport partner because of the flexibility they bring to modern networks.  If you would like to talk with our team to determine if Megaport is the right solution for you lets connect!  Share your information below and we will be in contact.