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Colocation & Data Center

No matter the size or scale of your IT infrastructure initiative Full Span Solutions is here to help!  We work with dozens of colocation and data center property owners who encompass hundreds of sites both in North America and around the world.  We vet sites not only on cost but also on redundancy, flexibility, and proximity to geographic hazards.  Additionally, with our network and connectivity experience, we also evaluate the route diversity, carriers options, latency, internet exchange options, and more!

Non-Traditional Colocation Sites

In addition to the more common data center requirements we also work with carriers to find nontraditional IT sites.   We have relationships with telcos and others to be able to facilitate colocation agreements in central offices, at tower sites, on rooftops, and more!

Building a physical presence? We can help narrow the search for a colocation space finding a facility to meet your requirements and budget!

Please explain your colocation needs. Rack space, power requirements, network providers, etc.