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Remote Traceroute Overview

The remote traceroute tool allows you to traceroute from a remote network to your network (or any network) to understand the network path taken as part of that connection.  This tool is built on the API for RIPE Atlas and leverages probes from this community project.  This means there are thousands of probes to choose from in all corners of the world on all major networks.  You can also leverage your own RIPE Atlas probe if you have one running!  If you know is probe ID, AS number or description you can search for it in this tool and select it for your test.

Using Remote Traceroute

Using the tool is simple but there are a few things to know about its function. 

1. First, open the tool by going to
2. Next, select a probe to run your traceroute test.  There are a number of ways to find a probe.  You can filter by Country or you can search for a probe.  The search bar will search the AS number, and probe ID.
3. When you found a probe you would like to use click the arrow icon next to the probe ID.  This will select the probe for testing. 
4.  Click “Open Traceroute View” in the upper right of the screen.
5.  Finally, key in an IPv4 or IPv6 address in the “Enter IP Address” field and click “Execute Traceroute”. Results can take up to 30 seconds to be returned.

Have more questions?  Here is a video demo as well:

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