Ping Viewer - Full Span Solutions
What is Ping Viewer?

The Ping Viewer is a simple troubleshooting tool to help diagnose basic connectivity problems. It works with both IPv4 and IPv6. Check out the details below for details on how to use it and tips on how to leverage it to troubleshoot.

What does this tool do?

If you ping the “” hostname  with either IPv4 or IPv6 the incoming ICMP messages will be displayed in real-time in the window below. Please do not let continuous pings run out of respect for other users. If you would like a demo of how to use Ping Viewer you can see a video tutorial on our youtube channel.

IPv4 Example:

ping -4

IPv6 Example:

When would I use it?
  • Assist in diagnosing return path ICMP ACL issues
  • Verify there is no ICMP path fragmentation
  • You can see your public IP address when behind a NAT

* Note that the ICMP length is the total ICMP message length.  A 64 byte length would indicate a 54 byte ICMP payload with a 16 byte ICMP header.