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IPv4 Sales and Leasing

With over 4 billion total IPv4 addresses available to use on the internet with an estimated 26 billion internet-connected devices address allocation is very important.  Scaling measures such as network address translation (NAT) has solved many of these issues, fortunately.  Even so, large organizations, cloud service providers, and Internet service providers still have a significant need for large blocks of IPv4 addresses.  Fortunately, IPv4 Sales and Leasing has solved this problem through business-to-business transactions.  Full Span Solutions is here to facilitate introductions between those with IPv4 addresses available and those who need additional address space.

IPv4 Leasing

If you have an unused block of registrar-issued IPv4 space, you may be able to lease that space to generate additional revenue for your organization without giving up ownership.  Similarly, if you need an additional IP address allocation it’s simple and easy to lease space with contract terms that are flexible and cost-effective for your business.

IPv4 Buy/Sell Transfers

A more permeant allocation of addresses puts your organization in the driver’s seat.  If your hosting services or building a network segment that needs to be publicly addressable it’s a critical need. Our team is able to source address blocks of nearly any size up to a /16 available for purchase fairly quickly.  Buying or selling you can rest assured the transfer process is secure and reliable.  For an organization with excess IP address space, selling can be a great way to generate significant revenue to put back into your organization’s IT budget.

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Of course, the next step is to get connected with us.  Let us know if you are buying or selling and we will be in contact to see how we can help!

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